What’s it about?

I strongly believe in the immortality of thought and I believe it’s important to leave something of ourselves for those who come after;

“today we have this opportunity, if for no other reason than that we are fortunate to have simple and lasting tools to trace this furrow”

I am aware that many of us live our lives without thinking about what comes after, without considering that even a small thing, which might seem insignificant to us, can be important, and sometimes even vital, to someone else; the feeling is frightening when considering how little weight is given to the continuity of our essence in the short time that has been granted to us. The essence of this virtual place, therefore, is very simple; beyond everything, I will try over time to leave a trace of all the things I have done and hope to continue doing in the near future. I will write about the mistakes I made, the research I’ve done, curiosities, passions, etc;

I wish everyone a good life.

I want to thank my wife, Danila, from whom I learned an important lesson, that you can face the impossible if you believe it’s possible because sometimes miracles can happen.

I've never had a dream like this!
You're the only one who really
has the picture of his life,
but I hope we'll paint
together our masterpiece.
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I also want to thank my parents, who have been gone for a long time, but whose memories and teachings are still vivid in my mind. Their memory allowed me to face life without fear, and even in the hardest moments, on the darkest days, I always felt their strength, their constant presence, and their support. I want to imagine and believe that today they can together enjoy the serenity and joy they did not have in life. Today I remember the message from my father, an urge to always move forward and never stop, and I want to do it with his very words which I dedicate to all those who want to face life with courage.

To the winner of a race in a local festival
If it comes unexpected,
it is more welcome,
and like a flash,
victory passes by
making you great,
and you feel it so,
because everyone,
young or old,
rejoices and speaks,
and the praise grows
from mouth to mouth,
that I feel proud,
and a flash of great joy
crosses your mother's eyes,
while you fiddle
with the tin cup
in your hands.
You don't see it, I tell you:
it's not gold
nor silver:
it's just tin!
Almost wounded
in pride and silent,
you place the cup and think:
it's just tin!
But I was the first
at the finish line and alone.
Well done, son,
this, I loudly proclaim, is the essence of victory,
continue your race,
always win.